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Braille Card Sleeves
The Component Proponent
Take a look at an idea for an innovative new game component: braille card sleeves designed to make board games more accessible to the visually impaired.

See how 64 Ounce Games' accessible accessories would work, and what you can do to contribute to their fundraising efforts.
Updated: April 10, 2014
The Resistance: Online (With Your Favorite Board Game Podcasters!)
On APRIL 10th at 6:30pm PST, Chaz from Pair Of Dice Paradise will be joining the hosts of The Cardboard Jungle, Couple Vs. Cardboard, Crits Happen, Drive-Thru Reviews, Let's Level Up, Spooning Meeples, Watch It Played, Weapons Grade Tabletop and more for a live, online game of The Resistance!

Who will remain loyal to the Empire, and who will be lured into treacherous betrayal by the Resistance? The only way to discover the truth is to tune in to the Google+ hangout and see for yourself! Click here to watch!
Updated: April 7, 2014
Eternity Wars Preview
Get Your Wings (Reviews)
Looking for something new? Check out my preview of the board game Eternity Wars, which is being developed by Alice Entertainment.

Eternity Wars is a tabletop board game based on Real Time Strategy video games. Players manage resources, build bases, recruit armies, and engage in strategic combat.

For more information about Eternity Wars, visit their website at:
Updated: March 31, 2014
Review of Rare Elements gaming coins
The Component Proponent
I review Rare Elements' gaming coins, which feature artwork representing six different elements. Is this a gaming component worth investing in?
Updated: March 25, 2014
Interview with Tox from Crits Happen
The Silver Lining
In this interview, we discuss the history of his board game blog, his new position at Arcane Wonders as VP of Product Development, and the almighty mullet's role in the success of the Crits Happen franchise.
Updated: March 19, 2014
Card Sleeve Review: Fantasy Flight vs. Ultra Pro vs. Dragon Shield
The Component Proponent
After discovering that I'm a jerk, I review and compare three leading brands of card sleeves: Fantasy Flight vs. Ultra Pro vs. Dragon Shield. Which type will protect your cards best? Do you use card sleeves? If so, what brand do you like?
Updated: March 4, 2014
Redneck Life... Game Of The Year?!?
Thrift Sift
I attempt to track down information about the company that selected Redneck Life as its 2006 Game Of The Year. What kind of conspiracy will I discover during my search?
Updated: February 25, 2014
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game FAQ & Errata
The Component Proponent
The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a cooperative game with nearly 500 cards, and each of its expansions (released bimonthly) adds over 100 more cards to the game. With so many cards continually in development, its no surprise that errors can sometimes go overlooked during production, finding their way into the final released product. The company that publishes the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game maintains a FAQ and rules errata on their website. Here's how to find it.
Updated: February 24, 2014
Mailbag Q&A #2
The Silver Lining
I'm working on several bigger videos which I hope will be ready next week. In the meantime, here's a quick one, answering a question from the mailbag.

If you have a question for Pair Of Dice Paradise that you'd like answered in an upcoming episode, post it in this video's YouTube comments!
Updated: February 20, 2014
A Review of GameKnight Status Chips
The Component Proponent
GameKnight has developed green ceramic "Status Chips", similar to poker chips. There’s a heart on one side, and a skull and crossbones on the other side. Are they worth investing in to spruce up your games?
Updated: February 13, 2014
Ludology: Icon of Clarity
The Silver Lining
The hosts of the Ludology board game podcast were gracious enough to let me join them for a discussion on the use of icons in games.

Ludology is an excellent series, be sure to check them out!
Updated: January 26, 2014
Mid-Life Crisis... THE GAME!
Thrift Sift
Just in time for your nervous breakdown, it's a review of the 1982 board game juggernaut, Mid-Life Crisis.

How would you handle your crisis? Amass wealth and reduce stress, or would you be the first to go broke, get divorced and crack up? Either way, it sounds like a typical Thursday night at my house.
Updated: January 23, 2014
Mandated Countdown List
The Silver Lining
After I received a mandate that every podcast about board games must feature a "countdown" episode, I decided to count down the top five moments from this episode in this episode.

This Top 5 countdown is approved by the Cube Spire Board Game Podcasting Network. (Just barely though.)
Updated: January 15, 2014
The #1 problem with Trump: The Game
Thrift Sift
In the cutthroat world of investment real estate, there's only one rule: buy low. And two: sell high. This installment of's "Thrift Sift" series looks at the 1989 game with a millionaire mogul namesake. It's Trump: The Game!
Updated: January 4, 2014
Pair Of Dice Paradise Theme Song by Eric Herman
The Silver Lining
I recently had the privilege to participate in a charity auction, in which I won the opportunity to have Eric Herman write a theme song for Pair Of Dice Paradise.

The level of awesome that Eric put into the theme song cannot be described in a mere text description. Check it out for yourself. The theme song should serve as a great introduction to the Pair Of Dice Paradise blog and the music of Eric Herman.
Updated: December 24, 2013
Chosing Risk: Godstorm's player colors
The Component Proponent
Ever have a board game that has a strange design and wonder how those decisions were made? In this video Chaz Marler, your Component Proponent, gives his theory on how this happens.
Updated: December 20, 2013
The best & worst games played in 2013
The Silver Lining
I recently had the opportunity to join David Montgomery on his blog over at Bits of Boardgames to discuss the best and worst board games that we each played for the first time in 2013. In this article, we each introduce our candidates for the best and worst games we played this year, and then comment on each others' choices.

What have your experiences with these games been? Do you agree with our selections? Share your comments in response to The Best And Worst Games We Played For The First Time In 2013.
Updated: December 16, 2013
Our First Fan Mail
The Silver Lining
After briefly reminiscing about the time he "met" Rodney Smith, the host of Watch It Played, Chaz helps his co-star VeeBug open the first package Pair of Dice Paradise has received from a viewer. What's in the package? What could it be?

A sincere thanks goes out to Tophu for sending us this surprise, and to everyone who has been watching, commenting and subscribing!
Updated: December 13, 2013
Upgrade Units in Rex: Final Days of an Empire
The Component Proponent
As with most games by Fantasy Flight, Rex: Final Days of an Empire is packed to the brim with high quality artwork, cards, and tokens. But the players’ army units are simply colored cardboard tokens. They’re okay, but the army units are the pieces the players are pushing around the most. Why not include something better than cardboard tokens for the units?

Upgrading the units in Rex: Final Days of an Empire is the focus of this episode of Pair Of Dice’s The Component Proponent.

Updated: December 8, 2013
Boardgames in Creswell #8: Samurai Sword & Seasons

Unleash your inner samurai at our 8th game day in nearby Creswell!

The "featured game" for this event was: Samurai Sword.

Samurai Sword is based on the game "Bang!", but it's designed to be more dynamic and fast-paced. And, thanks to its new scoring system, there is no player elimination. That means no sitting around for a half-hour waiting for everyone else to finish. Everybody gets to play to the very end!

Updated: December 1, 2013