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Board Games In Music (Plays Well With Others)
Plays Well With Others
Pair Of Dice Paradise's premiere week on The Dice Tower continues with an installment of "Plays Well With Others" where I discuss the topic of board games in music with friend of the show and local radio DJ, Mick.

Are there songs about board games that we missed? Who is your favorite geek culture musical artist? Let us know in the video's comments!
Updated: February 4, 2016
February 2016 Board Game Selections with Chaz Marler
Head in the Clouds
My inaugural week on The Dice Tower continues with an experimental video about the games I recently added to my collection, and why. It seems like there's always some curiosity about which games enter and leave people's collections, so I thought this might be fun to document in video form.

What have your experiences with these games been, and what's joined and left your collections recently?
Updated: February 3, 2016
Contest & News Updates: February 2016
The Silver Lining
Chaz is joined by his friend Mick to discuss the latest Pair Of Paradise news updates, and to announce a contest to win a copy of Portal Games' Neuroshima Convoy game!
Updated: February 3, 2016
There are Universes strong enough for board games...
Head in the Clouds
Some universes are even strong enough that they can be adapted into board games and still retain their distinct flavor and personality. There’s a long list of examples in which this is the case. Heck, Star Wars alone has been adapted into enough board game properties over the years that I could spend the rest of the year just discussing Star Wars game after Star Wars game which is an idea that I hadn’t thought of until just now but would be very tempting because it would give me material months and seriously who among us couldn’t use a vacation every now and then?
Updated: February 2, 2016
Tenzi Review (Thrift Sift)
Thrift Sift
Chaz Marler reviews Tenzi: the dice game that takes only seconds to learn, and even less time to master.
Updated: February 1, 2016
Card Caddy Review (The Component Proponent)
The Component Proponent
I’ve discovered a new brand of deck boxes that threatens to replace my beloved acrylic deck boxes. What is this new contender for my board game card storage affections?
Updated: January 31, 2016
How Long To Keep An Unplayed Game?
Head in the Clouds
How long should one hang on to a game that has effectively become a dead end? Should it continue being held on to out hope that its day will come, or should there be a statute of limitations, after which if the game is still unplayed, it should be let go?
Updated: January 26, 2016
Tracking Game Plays with Box Dots
Head in the Clouds
I wanted a way to quickly visually scan the games in my collection to highlight which ones continually get overlooked. Which means it’s time to introduce a Trendy Board Game Recreational Challenge!
Updated: January 19, 2016
Video #200: Experimental Live Q&A Session (We get it working this time!)
Head in the Clouds
Video #200: Experimental Live Q&A Session (We get it working this time!)
Updated: January 12, 2016
What's Your Play-Per-Game Ratio?
Head in the Clouds
This year, I’m taking a look at how many times each of the games in my collection have been played. This seems especially appropriate right now, due to several recent story-driven games, such as Pandemic Legacy, that have, by design, limited replayability.
Updated: January 11, 2016
Is Asmodee's Press Release Good News or Bad News?
Head in the Clouds
I was intrigued when I read Asmodee’s recent announcement that, as of April 1st, 2016, they are enacting new policies that will affect the availability and pricing of the board games they publish in both online and brick-and-mortar retail outlets.
Updated: January 5, 2016
Top 3 Board Games of 2015
Head in the Clouds
Chaz concludes his look back on 2015 with his completely subjective top three favorite games of the year. Behold!
Updated: December 31, 2015
Wits & Wagers Invitational: BGGcon 2015
Head in the Clouds

How does YOUR knowledge of Pair Of Dice Paradise compare to these contestants? Test your skill in this Wits & Wagers trivia challenge!

At BGGcon this year, I hosted a "Wits & Wagers Invitational", which was open to all supporters of PoDP and friends of the show who were at the convention. The result was a very special board gaming experience that was one of the highlights of the entire convention for me. Enjoy!

Updated: December 23, 2015
Top 3 Honorable Mentions: Board Games 2015
Head in the Clouds
Top 3 Honorable Mentions: Board Games 2015
Updated: December 22, 2015
Waitaminute, Do I Hate Social Deduction Games?!?
Head in the Clouds
Why am I always left disappointed by this genre of games that sound like a perfect fit for me on paper, and that I’m always excited to try?
Updated: December 15, 2015
Escape Room review from a board gamer's perspective
Head in the Clouds
Is an escape room an activity that is relevant to a board gamer?
Updated: December 11, 2015
Season 3 Fundraiser Update #5 (Package Parade part 3 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
A heavy box full of surprises for PoDP's supporters has arrived in the mail! Let's see what it contains...
Updated: December 10, 2015
Box O' Board Games (Package Parade part 2 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
This episode's Package Parade showcases the games that Chaz recently found to be worth buying. Which games did he purchase, and why?
Updated: December 9, 2015
Package Parade Week! (Installment 1 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
This episode's Package Parade if full of gifts that have arrived recently from viewers, publishers, and friends of the show! I wanted to take a moment to share these special items, and say "thank you"!
Updated: December 8, 2015
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