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Machi Koro's Oversized Box: EXPLAINED!
Head in the Clouds
Machi Koro is a game all about transforming natural resources into commerce-generating franchises. And they took the same approach in their box design! Oh yeah!
Updated: March 14, 2015
A Board Game Thrift Trip
Head in the Clouds
To celebrate my 50th "Head In The Clouds" segment, join me on a field trip to partake in one of my favorite board game related activities!
Updated: March 8, 2015
Justin Bieber Backstage Pass Board Game
Thrift Sift
Today, what’s left of my will to live brings you 2010’s Justin Bieber Backstage Pass board game, which dares players to answer disturbing questions about the pop star and themselves as they race each other for a backstage pass and a special message prepared especially for the biggest Bieber believer.
Updated: March 5, 2015
Creators Cast Interview
Plays Well With Others
I recently sat down with Scott King of the Creators Cast podcast to record a couple of episodes talking about the production of Pair Of Dice Paradise, and the creative process. Both episodes are now available online!
Updated: March 3, 2015
Building A Board Gaming Group #12: Question & Negotiate
Head in the Clouds
In this episode, I describe how I accidentally saved my board game group after the facility that we meet at quintupled their rates.
Updated: March 2, 2015
Expansion Overload
Head in the Clouds
Sometimes I get so excited about a game that I buy not only the base game, but also all its expansions. Then, inevitably, trying to learn the base game and its expansions all at once proves to be too overwhelming, and I have to put the game away and write an angry letter instead.
Updated: February 22, 2015
Digital Board Games vs. Cardboard Counterparts
Plays Well With Others
On this episode of Plays Well With Others, Suzanne Sheldon, host of the Board Game Apps segment on The Dice Tower's Board Game Breakfast show, joins me to talk about the various digital versions of popular board games that are available, and whether they'll soon replace traditional physical board games.
Updated: February 19, 2015
Simple Tip For Straightening Bent Miniatures
The Component Proponent
I test a tip for fixing bent plastic board game miniatures. Join me in the Pair Of Dice Paradise test kitchen, where we’ll put this technique to the test!
Updated: February 14, 2015
OUTTAKES: Board Games vs. Professional Sports
Plays Well With Others
Any time I talk with Marty Connell, there's a lot of laughs. Between the barbed retorts and connection problems we encountered, we compiled a few outtakes during our interview. Here's a collection of a few of them, in case you'd like to see that sort of thing today.
Updated: February 13, 2015
Guest Appearance on Docking Bay 94 Podcast
Podcast Episodes
Thanks to Jason Hancock and Jason Washburn for having me on episode 2 of their Docking Bay 94 podcast. It was a great discussion, and lots of fun. Thanks, guys!

Listen to the episode here.
Updated: February 13, 2015
Board Games vs. Professional Sports
Plays Well With Others
On this episode of Plays Well With Others, Marty Connell, sports fan and co-host of the Rolling Dice & Taking Names podcast, joins me to talk about the influence of professional sports over the board game industry, and why there's so few hit board games about sports.
Updated: February 12, 2015
A Public Apology To The Abyss Board Game
Head in the Clouds
I issue a public apology to the Abyss board game in this episode, for statements I recently made regarding its insipid decision to be released with five different box covers.
Updated: February 7, 2015
The Apprentice Board Game
Thrift Sift
Today I showcase The Apprentice board game, brought to us by the truly differently-thinking mind of Donald Trump. Does The Apprentice board game still get us as “fired” up today as it did back in 2004? Let’s find out, on this episode of Thrift Sift!
Updated: February 5, 2015
Why Do We Buy Board Games?
Head in the Clouds
I’m joined today by a portion of the not-yet-played games in my collection. With so much untouched cardboard accumulating, I began to ponder why we continue acquiring games, increasing our piles of play potential, while so many games go unplayed?
Updated: February 1, 2015
Games Yet Unplayed
Head in the Clouds
How many unplayed board games are in someone’s collection at any given time? Surely everybody must have at least ONE game in their collection that they’ve never played. Right?!?
Updated: January 27, 2015
Why I Resolve Not To Buy Imperial Assault This Year
Head in the Clouds
I resolve that I will NOT give in and purchase Imperial Assault. Now, you may find my lack of faith in this game disturbing, but let me tell you why I’m sticking stubbornly to this resolution until I the day I inevitably cave in.
Updated: January 17, 2015
Board Gaming New Year's Resolutions for 2015
Head in the Clouds
This episode features the completely original idea of sharing my three board gaming New Years resolutions with you. New Years resolutions: the holiday tradition equivalent of sharing slides of your recent tour of a cheese factory.
Updated: January 11, 2015
Top (And Bottom) Boardgames of 2014: #1 Favorite
Head in the Clouds
We’re counting down my Official Top (And Bottom) Three Games of 2014. These are the standouts that I played this year for the first time. And today is the number one standout: my favorite game I played for the first time in 2014.
Updated: December 31, 2014
Something Something Board Game Corner Something
Plays Well With Others
Hey look, here's an article that has something to do with our friends over at Board Game Corner. Weird. I wonder what this could be about. It's a mystery, that's for sure. Yup.
Updated: December 30, 2014
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