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Team V.E.S.T. episode 1: What is GenCANT?!?
Plays Well With Others
Team V.E.S.T., your Video Entertainment Surveillance Team, brings you exclusive reports on this summer’s biggest unconventional board gaming convention: GenCant.

GenCant Website:
GenCant Twitter: @GenCant
Updated: July 26, 2015
Dice Tower Con Triumph: Meeples For Sheepish Peoples 13
Meeples For Sheepish Peoples
After travelling to Dice Tower con to find and play games with several people I’d met through social media, I found myself at a crossroads. Would I face my fears or play it safe?
Updated: July 25, 2015
Dice Tower Con Failure: Meeples For Sheepish Peoples 12
Meeples For Sheepish Peoples
As a warm up for the onslaught of human convention interaction that is GenCon, I first went on a side-quest to Dice Tower con, a five-day convention which is roughly 1/60th the size of GenCon. I figured its comparative lower difficulty setting should be a breeze. I mean, sharing games with people is what we’re all there for, right?
Updated: July 18, 2015
Pair Of Dice Paradise vs. Flip The Table (Rap Battle)
Plays Well With Others
Unnecessary Board Game Rap Battles, featuring Pair Of Dice Paradise vs. Flip The Table.

BetweenPair Of Dice ParadiseandFlip The Table, we reviewa lotof cheesy and bizarre board games. But which one of us has itworse? It's a question that can only be answered by the most sophisticated form of debate:the epic rap battle!

Download the MP3 of this song.
Updated: July 13, 2015
Reintroduction: Meeples For Sheepish Peoples 11
Meeples For Sheepish Peoples
With GenCon less than a month away at the time of this recording, I am planning on being there, nerves or not!
Updated: July 10, 2015
Mailbag: CCG/LCG/ECG Follow-Up Question
Head in the Clouds
The segment I was planning --a three-minute diatribe on thrift stores that shrink wrap their used board games-- will have to wait, because I received a question!
Updated: July 4, 2015
PoDP News, Updates and a Contest!
The Silver Lining
News & Updates about several board game-related projects created by friends of the show, surprise packages, and a hot tip about the most recent Pair Of Dice Paradise contest!
Updated: July 2, 2015
What's Your "Grail" Game?
Head in the Clouds
Following up on my recent new segment that featured my "grail game", I ask what's your grail game, and have you found it, or are you still searching?
Updated: June 30, 2015
The Divorce Court board game was designed by aliens. (I have proof!)
Thrift Sift
You never know what you’ll discover during an expedition into the aisles of your local thrift store. Every now and then, you unearth an artifact that’s so unexpected, so bizarre, so indescribably otherworldly, it could only have come into being through extraterrestrial intervention. Prepare to discover the board game Divorce Court.

You have been warned.
Updated: June 16, 2015
The Rules of the Game vs. The Spirit of the Game
Head in the Clouds
Rules conflicts. Until a rule book addresses every possible scenario you could encounter, they’re going to be inevitable. What house rules do you use to handle rules conflicts in your house (rules do you use to handle rules… conflicts? If you can figure out what I just said,) Let me know in the comments below.
Updated: June 5, 2015
Expandable Card Games (ECG), Trademarks & Patents (3 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
I discussed Collectible Card Games, using Magic: The Gathering as an example of the concept; and Living Card Games, using AEG’s Doomtown: Reloaded as an example of that concept. Today, I round out the trilogy by discussing the Expandable Card Game, or ECG.
Updated: May 30, 2015
The Difference Between Collectible Card Games (CCG) and Living Card Games (LCG) (2 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
What’s your experience with Living Card Games (LCGs)? Are you comfortable diving in to one? Or do their evolving card pools make them too much of a moving target?
Updated: May 30, 2015
Is the Collectible Card Game (CCG) Dead? (1 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
Does the Collectible Card Game still have traction in the marketplace? Or, is it a concept that's time has passed?
Updated: May 30, 2015
When Board Game Themes Go Rogue
Plays Well With Others
Theme. There's many common themes in board games. But what happens when a game designer wanders outside the realm of familiar themes and tries something different?

Today, Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Review and I discuss our opinions on what board game themes work, which ones don't, and why.
Updated: May 29, 2015
Cauldron (Kickstarter Preview)
Get Your Wings (Reviews)
Cauldron is a game for two to five players, in which each player assumes the role of an alchemist competing for the title of Grand Infusionist, a title which only one player can achieve, because that’s the way board games work.
Updated: May 15, 2015
Mage Wars Companion App (Review)
Get Your Wings (Reviews)
The Mage Wars companion app is designed to works in tandem with the Mage Wars board game to track your stats as you play. It also includes a comprehensive deck editor. Does it achieve its goals, or does it just add a layer of technical turbulence to the game?
Updated: May 4, 2015
Tabletop Simulator: Part 2 (Opinion)
Head in the Clouds
What's your opinion of Tabletop Simulator?
In this episode I dig into the mailbag to answer a question about Tabletop Simulator. Part one gives an overview of what Tabletop Simulator is, and part two contains my opinion of its place in the board game hobby.
Updated: April 29, 2015
Tabletop Simulator: Part 1 (Overview)
Head in the Clouds
What's your opinion of Tabletop Simulator?
In this episode I dig into the mailbag to answer a question about Tabletop Simulator. Part one gives an overview of what Tabletop Simulator is, and part two contains my opinion of its place in the board game hobby.
Updated: April 29, 2015
A dozen board game podcasters play Spyfall online
Plays Well With Others
I join Spooning Meeples as they play a live game (or two) of Spyfall with fellow reviewers:
Rhiannon Ochs (Spooning Meeples)
Marty Connell (Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
Hunter Shelburne (Weaponsgrade Tabletop)
Lance Myxter (Undead Viking)
Scott "Tox" Morris (Crits Happen)
Suzanne Sheldon (Wears A Khaki Vest)
Anthony Racano (The Cardboard Jungle)
Robin Lees (Whose Turn Is It Anyway)
and more!
Updated: April 28, 2015
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